Pure Wash specializes in power washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Calgary. We do homes, condo complexes, office buildings, and post-construction clean-ups. Ask us how we can make your property fresh again – indoor or outdoor!


We use a state of the art water-fed pole system to turn Calgary’s hard water into 100% pure water, leaving no spots or residue on your windows. Water-fed poles can extend to 60-feet, resulting in efficient cleaning with reduced ladder use. Dirt is scrubbed off frames and windows with a soft nylon brush and thoroughly rinsed with pure water. We offer inside & outside window cleaning services on homes, residential complexes, low-rise office buildings, and post-construction builds.

Using a pure water window cleaning system in Elbow Park

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Dirt, dust, grime, and spider-webs can build up on homes in just a few short months! As a result, we use an extendable power washing wand for the hard-to-reach areas of your home. We power wash vinyl siding, garages, sport courts, patio stones, sidewalks, wooden decks, and fences. Residential and commercial pressure washing services are available for single homes, condo complexes, low-rise office buildings, and new construction builds.

Tennis court pressure washing clean-up in central Calgary

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Eavestrough cleaning in Calgary! Gutters can clog, which can result in water flowing into unwanted places – like back into your basement! Water run-off can lead to wood rot, eroded foundations, or even irreparable damage to the gutter system itself. Book your appointment for leaf clean-up or gutter cleaning today!

Cleaning gutters and gutter guards in central Calgary

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Pure Wash provides window cleaning and exterior pressure washing for all new residential & commercial construction projects. We use the best appropriate method – our water-fed pole system or the traditional mop and squeegee. Above all, we carry all necessary third-party insurance to work on-site and can meet any of your construction window cleaning or pressure washing needs.

Post-construction window cleaning in Roxboro, Calgary