Q: Who is the best window cleaning company in Calgary?

A: Why of course, Pure Wash Calgary. 😉

Q:  What if its raining or if it rains after my windows get cleaned?

A:  Rain will have a minimum effect on clean windows. Contrary to what most people think, rain is relatively clean unlike tap water which comes out of irrigation and sprinkler systems that contain hard water. If your windows are dirty or your screens and ledges are dirty, and they mix with rain, you are left with mud.

Q:  How often should I have my windows cleaned?

A:  Most of our clients have their windows cleaned inside and out twice a year. (spring and fall) With exception to some businesses and storefronts that require it bi-weekly or monthly.

Q: Do you offer both exterior and interior window cleaning?

A: Yes, we do both! We will remove all screens for cleaning, clean your sills, wash all interior windows with a traditional mop and professional squeegee, and then finish the exterior windows with our water-fed pole system. Please see our ‘Pricing’ page for an estimated interior cleaning cost. After the screens are cleaned up nicely outside, we will re-install them throughout the house.

Q: Why is using pure water on the exterior windows so important?

A: Spraying your windows with a regular garden hose will not sufficiently clean your frames and glass. Even if you manage to remove all dirt, Calgary’s “hard” water will dry and leave unsightly water marks. The water in our area can reach up to 300 TDS (total dissolved solids), but after running it through our filtration system we can achieve 0 TDS, or completely pure water.

Q: Do you hook up to my water tap?

A: Yes, we typically require access to your outdoor spigots around your home.

Q: How do you do your power washing? Do you wash stucco?

A: We use an 18′ extendable wash wand to cover all the hard-to-reach areas of your home. Usually no ladders are required. We use enough pressure to free your vinyl siding of stuck on dirt and spider webs, but not so much power that it will cause any damage. We occasionally service stucco.

Q:  What payment methods do you accept?

A: We make payments easy and you don’t pay until the job is done. You can pay by cash, debit, cheque, or credit card after the job is complete. When the payment is processed you’ll receive an invoice in your email inbox.

Q:  Do I have to remove my screens?

A:  It is best if screens are removed before our arrival. If the job is an outside window clean, it may not be possible to remove some of the screens from the outside.

Q: Do you wash screens?

A: Yes! In fact we use a dedicated ‘screen washer’. Screens are scrubbed with a water-fed brush machine that gets frames and screens much cleaner than by hand.

Q:  How do you clean my gutters?

A:  We climb a ladder and use a special gutter cleaning tool on the end of a pole. Debris is scooped out by hand and taken away.

Q:  Are you insured?

A:  Yes. We maintain full insurance coverage that includes a $2 million dollar general liability policy, vehicle insurance, as well as business licensing.

Q: Where do you operate?

A: We are based out of Calgary, but offer the surrounding areas including Rocky View County, Airdrie, and Okotoks.