The Best Window Washing (With Water-Fed Poles!)

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What is a water-fed pole anyway?

Water-fed pole technology is relatively new to the window cleaning industry and has become popular amongst professional window cleaners world-wide. Revolutionizing the way exterior windows are cleaned because it’s faster, safer, easier, and more importantly cleaner! Window cleaning in Calgary is a dirty and dusty job, so the best window washing companies prefer a water-fed system to get the best clean on not only glass, but the surrounding frame.


The Tucker water fed system above is an example of what we use here at Pure Wash. A filtration unit (tank), extendable carbon-fibre pole, and specially designed brush for scrubbing glass completes the system, all powered by a water source on a business or home. The water enters the system and is purified by first a carbon filter, flows through a reverse osmosis housing and filter, and finally exits through a di-ionization filter. Resulting in 100% pure water, it’s applied to the window without the use of any chemicals, minerals, or soaps. In other words, as the rinse water is completely pure with zero parts per million, the windows dry 100% spotless for the best window washing results.

Top 5 Reasons We Use A Water-Fed Pole For Clean Windows

1. Zero Environmental Impact

No chemicals are used in the cleaning process, just the cleaning power of 100% pure water.

2. Cleaner, Longer

Windows stay cleaner for longer periods of time when compared to a window washed with the traditional mop/soap/squeegee method. The soap residue left behind will attract more particulates from the air over time, and this phenomenon can often result in a hazy window.

3. Minimal Landscape Footprint

The use of extension poles reduces potential damage to shrubs and flower beds around your house. Furthermore, not planting a ladder into a flower bed is an added bonus!

4. Not Only Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows with a WFP (waterfed pole) is not only the best at cleaning glass, but the surrounding window frames can be scrubbed clean as well. Scrubbing the frame clean is necessary to avoid dirt particles from dripping onto the glass during the rinse phase. This will ensure a 100% spot-free window when dry.

5. Water-Fed Poles Are Safer!

Extendable carbon-fibre poles can be extended anywhere between 30 and 60 feet, therefore the use of ladders are minimized. Ladders can’t always be avoided, but a WFP will get 99% of the windows on residential window cleaning clients in Calgary. The less climbs up a ladder, the safer!

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